Do you know how vital a Landing Page is and Why?


To understand why a landing page is so important, we first should start with the basics. The landing page is a single web page and the first impression the audience gets to see, usually when the visitor is browsing or clicks on an ad. Regardless of how the visitor lands on the page, the purpose is to convert to a customer or a lead. That is why a landing page is a powerful component of a business’s digital marketing strategy. It should communicate a precise and clear message; the visitor should like what he sees and work up an interest to remain on the page for more information. You can have several landing pages on your website, but each page should be specific to a topic or category. The best landing page should be minimalistic and with a single link for a call to action. Let us note down a few pointers for an ideal landing page.


What is the purpose of the landing page?



The landing page should have a clear purpose. A person has come to your landing page because of your ad and his interest in the product. As mentioned above, the landing page should be minimalistic and has only one goal, the CTA (call to action). He has to either register, subscribe or purchase your product. When a visitor clicks on the CTA and registers, subscribes or makes a purchase, this is called a conversion. The best landing pages reduce the cost per acquisition of leads and sales. The landing page’s focus is always for the visitor to stay on the page and take action. 


Summarising what makes a remarkable landing page

  • Foremost, the landing page should be minimalistic, precise, concise and a persuasive call-to-action repeated a couple of times.
  • The landing page should have reviews from happy clients.
  • If possible, the landing page should also have a video.
  • Should show that you care about the anxieties and concerns of your customers.

Making an impressive landing can be complicated even if you are a professional and scary if you are new and starting from scratch. Fortunately, many apps today offer a complete platform for hosting, design and creating and publishing webpages. I am listing out a few apps that are a great help in making these services.

6 Great Apps for Creating A Landing Page

Carrd could be one of the best landing page builders, and most of its features are free to use. With Carrd, you can build simple, accessible, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything. However, the free basic version has its limitations and offers a 7-day free trial for new users, after which the software is open across three pricing tiers. 

Pricing details are listed below. 

The basic plan is available for free. 

Pro-Lite: $9/year.

Pro-Standard: $19/year.

Pro-Plus: $49/year



With ConvertKit landing pages, you can build an impressive page for your project in just a few minutes. Choose colours, add photos, create a custom opt-in form, and add your copy. All without writing any code!

Pricing:- The basic plan is free for unlimited landing pages.


KickoffLabs features a powerful and easy to use drag & drop landing page designer. You can start with a pre-built drag & drop theme or build your optimized landing page from scratch.

Pricing:- Starts at $29/month for the Hobby plan. 


Unbounce (Web) is the best landing page builder for small businesses, especially with a budget. Unbounce lets you build campaigns on your own and provides insights to make informed decisions. Unbounce is expensive, starting at $90/month.



Leadpages website builder is one of the first landing page builders and remains a leading player. It is an easy to use page builder with no codes. It is an online marketing platform for creating landing pages. Leadpages make it possible for anyone to create and publish a landing page that converts without technical aspects. Pricing starts at $27/month.



With HubSpot, you can quickly design and launch landing pages. HubSpot has an extensive library of desktop and mobile templates to choose from, along with a drag-and-drop editor. You can also look at how your page will look on different devices before publishing. Pricing: There is a “Free & Starter Plan which you should check out along with multiple paid plans.


You are now aware that many landing page builder tools help you build a single page site with a clear call to action. However, suppose you intend to expand your website or convert it into an online eCommerce store. In that case, please build your website using website-building tools like WordPress, even if it is a single page. 


Landing Page Best Practices

  1. Create one landing page for every segment with a focused headline. If ten people visit your landing page, at least six will bounce off. You will find that your headline is crucial as this is the first thing they would read, and it should communicate the value and offer of your landing page. Do not forget that everyone needs a unique landing page.
  2. Message Match Your Adds and Pages. Choose an image that illustrates the offer.

When your prospect visits your landing page, they will look for:-

  • Your Logo.
  • Brand colours that match your advertisement.
  • A headline that’s catchy and matches your ad.
  • The same media that was in your ad copy.




  1. Write a compelling copy. While the perfect headline is significant, your copy material should be clear and concise and take your prospect to the action you want them to complete.
  2. Focus on benefits, not features. Benefits are the outcome that the prospect will experience when they use your product or service. Essentially, benefits are the primary reason a customer would choose to buy whatever you’re selling.
  3. The Lead Form should be readily accessible and should always be above the fold. The visitor should never be searching for it. The Lead Form should preferably be designed to scroll with the user as they move down the page.
  4. The Call-To-Action button needs to stand out. The button should have a colour the contrast with other elements on the page.
  5. Give away a relevant offer. It should be compelling enough for your prospect to provide their contact info, but it also should be relevant to your business.
  6. Only ask for what you need. An email id along with a name is more than sufficient.
  7. The landing page should not have any other links to other pages as this will distract from the end goal, which is the call-to-action.
  8. Do not forget about the thank you page, which is the page that the prospect goes to after they fill the form. A thank you page serves three essential purposes. Firstly, it delivers the offer you promised. Secondly, it allows you to interest your prospect in other relevant content and thirdly, it serves as a chance to thank them for the interest they have shown.


Landing pages will be crucial to your business growth, and hence they will require a lot of study, creativity and attention. With so many ways to keep improving, changing, tweaking, additions and variations that you can implement, there is no reason why you can not have a landing page that converts.

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