What does my version 2.0 look like as a Digital Marketer?

What does my version 2.0 look like as a Digital Marketer?

Five years from today, what I will be as a digital marketer is a thought that’s always running in my mind. Will I achieve the goals I have laid out for myself? If the last six months are anything to go by, I think I am on track, and I will be where I want to be in 2025.


For the last 30 years, I have spent most of my time in marketing. However, it was a time spent in offline marketing and usually to a known business category in a work area of around 100 km distance from my office.

But all this has changed in the last year. The covid lockdowns and the pandemic has created an online market with no physical or geographical boundaries. Any place is closer today than ever before because of the internet and the meeting tool Zoom. And it looks like everyone is getting onto this bandwagon.

For clarity, let us define what digital marketing is?

Techniques and methods used to promote a service or product online will come under the terms “Digital Marketing.”  As with traditional marketing, the main goal in online marketing is to attract an audience, generate leads and close orders. Digital marketing is possible through various domains, like social media, email marketing and search engines.

About a year has gone by since I decided that I have to get into digital marketing. Yes, there have been many ups and downs. I did many software courses, and some had even no connection with digital marketing. But now, there is much clarity in exactly what I want to do and continue. I now design and develop experiences that make people’s lives simple.

To become an expert in digital marketing, I have made out the following steps: –

  1.   Learn the basics of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing would entail knowledge of SEO and PPC advertising, Website Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Video Marketing.
  1.   Create my website and blog and work on Search Engine Optimisation to rank my website. Building up my SEO knowledge will help when I have to supervise my team.
  1.   Mastering PPC Advertising. Sound knowledge on Pay Per Click (PPC) is essential in internet marketing. Otherwise, you will have a runaway budget.
  1.   Master how social media marketing works—various social media networks like Twitter, Instagram. Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest have different rules and guides.
  1.   Become a master in Content Writing. Content writing has now become one of the essential skills to be mastered as the matter written should satisfy the reader, be optimised for each platform and also be able to generate leads and conversions.
  1.   Mastering Email Marketing which is the most popular marketing tool, despite so many other marketing domains in social media. An email marketing campaign is used from an introduction mail to engage with the customer to closing and finalising the sale.

And lastly, learning never ends, especially if you want to be and remain on the top in your Digital Marketing Niche.

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